Mar. 6th, 2017

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Today - one poll closes:

and another poll opens:

That's the way of life though isn't it? Or something close to that. Seems really familiar. ;)


Who needs more love in the poll right now? What are you favorites who should be getting more attention?


How was your weekend?
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A few words from [ profile] clauderainsrm:

When you get a second chance in life, that’s when you have to grab ahold and not let go of it.

This is your Second Chance at LJ Idol, so hold on tight over the next couple of weeks.

We’ve gathered folks who were interested in getting another shot at making a run at it. Unfortunately, there were some folks who didn’t get an entry in, even with the deadline being extended.

Which means, before we even post the poll, it’s time to say goodbye to [ profile] cheapxdate, [ profile] grail76, [ profile] kindabrisk, and [ profile] yuniebaby

I’m so glad that you came out this season! I hope we will see you in the Home Game!

As for the rest of the pack, we will be losing 3 contestants from their ranks. Each week will continue to shrink the ranks, until it is time for the survivors to re-enter the main competition!

At that point, joy will ring across the land - or terror. One of those things will ring across the land and all shall rejoice…. Some will rejoice… maybe someone could be vaguely pleased… ;)
The poll closes Friday, March 10th at 9pm EST

Good luck to everyone!

[Poll #2064261]
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Of all the eliminations I hate, the one that takes place just after Second Chance closes is one of the worst.

For awhile, I thought there was going to be massive tie, but with the sacrifice things ended up shaking out to it just being the 4 folks I had originally said would be going. That just goes to show though just how close voting is at this point in the season. Every single vote can make the difference.

I DO hope that we will end up seeing you guys in the Home Game though, and in the Green Rooms to continue to cheer on your personal favorites.

Until then though, we are saying goodbye to

[ profile] kate_spencer
[ profile] rimbawd
[ profile] unmowngrass
[ profile] veritas_st

Thank you so much for coming out this season, and helping make it something special.

100 Weeks

Mar. 6th, 2017 09:55 pm
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This should have been done a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to post it then due to being extremely distracted. Or rather, I'm quite glad that I was distracted! :)

Getting to 100 Weeks is starting to get a little crowded, but it's still a remarkable accomplishment!

Congratulations to

[ profile] ellakite
[ profile] beeker121

Thank you for your dedication to Idol, and for all of your hard work and creativity to get to this point! Here's to continuing to add to that total!
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There are some special times in life, ones that you want to capture forever.

Some of them come every day, but you don't always realize it.

Take time to enjoy those moments.

Especially this week's topic:

The Blue Hour

The deadline to link your entries back to this post is Friday, March 10th at 8pm EST

Have fun!
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The new topic thread is up:

So is the poll for Second Chance:

There is also a couple more joining the 100 Weeks club:

This is the start of that period where there is a lot going on.

Which is when it's always a good time to ask - How are you planning on standing out from the crowd? It's a question for every week really, because there are *always* things going!

Or, to turn this around to address you as the reader - What can the rest of the crowd be doing to get, and keep, YOUR attention?


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