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I've heard there are some people who wanted a Home Game thread. So here it is! :)

Sharp words
Art Is An Infection
Going tharn
Behind the curtain

were the topics this week.

So if you're not a current contestant, but still have something you want to share - this is the place!
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If you're sitting around and get the inspiration to write, but you're out of the competition - that's why we have the Home Game!

The Topics this week are:

Yes, Anastasia
Game night gone wrong
Creeping Meatballism
Immanentize the eschaton!

Post the link to your entries in this thread!
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If you want to write on the topics, but aren't currently in the competition - what do you do???

Play the Home Game, of course!

This is the space to link your Home Game entries!

The topics for this week are:

I can do that
Greatest Hits Record
Que l'enfer, c'est seulement Canada
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If you're not a current contestant - but want to play along anyway:

That's what the HOME GAME is all about!

These are the topics for the week:

We must bear witness so that it scars us
John Otto
Ethics of human cloning

and *this* is where you link your entry!!
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Love the topics but you're not currently in the game?

That's where the Home Game comes in!

Just pick one (or several!) of the current topics http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/916255.html, write an entry, and post it here!

No polls. No eliminations. Just you posting your work for others to read!
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You're not a contestant, but you want to write entries on the current topics as well? http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/913429.html#

You're not sure where to post those links?

That's what the HOME GAME is all about!

Just post your links here!
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The topics this week are:

the Buddha on the road,
White out

IF you are not a current contestant, but still feel like writing, this is the place to link your entries!
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You know them. You love them.

But they aren't in the game right now.

That doesn't mean that they can't still write some great entries though!

If you have done something for the current batch of topics http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/889807.html, and want to show it off - this is your place!
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It's your last chance to get in on the Idol Minor action!

The topic is "Party" and I hope you will join in on this particular one!

Just link your entries here.
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Too old to play in Idol Minor, but have something for the topic "Vacation"?

Don't despair!

Just post it here in the Home Game!
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The topic is Far Away

But you are too far away in age to enter Idol Minor. Don't despair! Just post your entries here instead, in the Home Game!
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It's an "Open Topic" week - so when better to have a Home Game thread?!

Have fun, and link your entries back to this thread when you are done!

(For those playing along with the Entry Count: It's now at 19,940. 60 more entries to go in order to hit 20,000!)
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Our topic this week is "Wolf Ticket".

So if you want to play along at Home, just write an entry and link it here!!


Entry count update: 19,924 (76 entries to go until we hit 20,000!)
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If you have ever thought "Hey, I should Home Game for LJ Idol!" - this is the perfect time!


Because we are near the end of the season, and our current "Entries created for LJ Idol" stands at 19,915 - only 85 entries to go until we are celebrating our 20,000th!!

So get in on the action!

This week's topic is Gambler's Fallacy

Just link your entry here!
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If you want to write on the topics for the week:

Intersubjectivity, Shibusa, rapture of the deep, captcha the flag, the bystander effect, Overwatch

But are not currently a contestant - this is the place for you!

Just link your entries here!

This is also the place for constructive criticism of those pieces.

If you submit at least one entry *and* give constructive criticism on someone else's piece OR just give constructive criticism on *two* different pieces - you are eligible to send me a vote to give a contestant immunity this week!

With the amount of contestants dwindling, that's a lot of power in your hands! So I hope you take advantage of it by participating!
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It's another week and another Home Game thread, with a Killing Floor twist!

This is a place to post your entries to the latest topic "“The future outwits all our certitudes” if you are not a current contestant. Maybe you were eliminated or dropped. Perhaps you are only now finding Idol but just want to write.

This is the place to link your entry!

The Killing Floor twist means that we are encouraging constructive criticism for the entries - and anyone who either (1) posts two pieces of constructive criticism to this thread OR posts a Home Entry and one piece of constructive criticism will be eligible to send me an email (at clauderainsrm@gmail.com ) to give me their top 3 choices for immunity for the week.

Have fun!
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If you've already read the Topic post http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/811500.html, you know what to do here. :)


For those *not currently a contestant in the competition* who want to participate though, you can post anything you like. :) A previously written piece, or one based on the topic "Critical Hit"!

The deadline is the same as the topic Monday, Dec 8th at 8pm EST

Have fun!
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Welcome to the Home Game/Killing Floor.

This is the thread to post your entries if you are not a current contestant. That's the "Home Game" element.

The Killing Floor is where other people come in and often constructive criticism on your piece, to give you the feedback to help make it even better.

Hopefully, combining them will give folks more incentive to take part.

However, if that's not enough - there is one more twist. Anyone posting two (or more) pieces of constructive criticism in this thread (or one entry and a piece of constructive criticism for someone else) is eligible to CAST A VOTE TO DETERMINE WHO RECEIVES IMMUNITY IN THIS WEEK'S POLL.

Which, as you know, can be huge.

The topic this week is "Gauntlet". Although really Home Game entries can be anything you want folks to look at! :)

The deadline to be eligible to cast a vote is one hour before the poll closes. Just send me an email with your Top 4 choices.

In the meantime - get to writing, and commenting!
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Because of events, I'm not sure who actually noticed this last week. But with how close the poll has been lately, this could be something that is extremely useful in the coming weeks - so I will cut and paste what I said last week:

Yes, you read that correctly.

The Home Game and Killing Floor have merged - with a twist! :)

If you are NOT a current contestant, but want to write something and link it at Idol, this is the place to come. That's the Home Game element. It's a chance to still have your writing out there, as a part of this place. If you *are* a current contestant, but feel like writing something extra - this is also the place to come!

The Killing Floor is where people go to receive constructive advice on their pieces. So, if you post something here, people are expected to do more than just a "Good job", and instead actually give you something that you can use to make the entry even better.

Mixing them is a move, but I wanted to make a *big* move, so here it is:


That's right. It's not just submitting entries or giving feedback on entries - there's actually *influence over the game* on the line here. :)


So submit your Home Game entry here - for feedback! :)
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Yesterday, I wasn't sure what would have made her the happiest to know that people were doing to remember her in Idol.

Last night, I realized what it was.

No, not writing things about her love for her daughter. Giving Sigrid love and support is an ongoing process, not a one-time special.

So I went with something that she LOVED doing. The one thing in Idol that she did more than *anyone else* and never failed to amuse her.

She would do it - and then send me an email to *make sure* that i had seen it.

She loved to put me in her entries - and then kill me.

If you knew her, you know that I'm not exaggerating. It made her positively gleeful to get back at "the Evil Overlord"!

So there you go - that's your "Special Home Game" for this week:

Kill me in an entry!

(For Luna!)


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