Jan. 26th, 2017

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When I woke up yesterday morning, I had no idea what was about to happen.

I got up, completed my morning routine and walked to the bus stop.

I rode the bus/napped and went into my job, still not knowing what was about to happen.

Cynthia's cousin Angel had something up her sleeve.

She had seen an story about how the local historic theatre was hosting a special Valentines Day event where people could renew their vows. Tucked into the story was a mention that if folks wanted to, they could get married in a mass movie-themed ceremony.

Angel posted this on Facebook - without tagging anyone. Because although she wanted Cynthia to see it, she knew that the only way she would take the bait is if she thought it were *her* idea. Angel also knew that one of the major obstacles has been that Cynthia *hates* planning things, so anyone taking that off her plate would be appealing.

The first time I was aware of any of this was a few hours later when I received a notice that Cynthia had tagged me in a post. That post. Hinting heavily that we should sign up and do that.

I wasn't sure how serious she was. That is, until I received an email from her friend at work saying "She's serious".

Which led to some emails and a phone call... (which is why I was so vague yesterday that something *might* be happening - because I honestly had no idea what was happening).

I woke up yesterday morning thinking it was just another day.

I went to bed knowing that I was going to getting married on Feb 14th!!


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