Jan. 6th, 2017

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Good morning.

I just responded to something from yesterday. I had something else in mind to talk about in the Green Room today, but the comment really hit me so I wanted to check in where more people would see it.

When I posted the "List of Shame" yesterday, there were some people who knew what it was about - and others who didn't.

The "List" used to be a regular thing - with everyone on the same page that the idea of "shame" was a playful, tongue-in-cheek thing. (That List part though was totally serious. It was a real list. :D)

It was my way of using the LJ tagging system to give people a "heads up" that the deadline was approaching, so it didn't blindside them.

Over the years though, "shame" started being a much more serious thing. Or rather - more to the point - people started recognizing that it was an actual serious thing.

The word became more loaded, and I started being a little uncomfortable with it. (and honestly, my assistant used to put it together and I stopped having as much time)

That lasted for awhile until Luna died. She had been the #1 advocate for bringing it back. So I brought it back, in her honor.

Seeing that did actually *demotivated* someone though - that brought the questions back up in my mind, that second guessing... because all of the evil being brought to bear (and believe me, none of the actual evil has surfaced yet this season, it's coming though!) is to get people writing and having a good time. I hope people *do* end up enjoying themselves this season, and if something *does* come up where you are impacted negatively by something that you let me know. Not saying that it will change anything - because it may just be that you're wrong. ;) But I definitely do want to know.

Reminder: The deadline is TONIGHT http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/965056.html


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